Just as the name suggests, Chennai is one of the different areas found in Tamil Nadu. Chennai has its own advantages and disadvantages but for this case, the advantages have definitely outdone the disadvantages. There are so many beautiful things you will realize once you set your foot in Chennai but one of the most fascinating things is the beauty of this area. The residents of Chennai are also very kind and welcoming which makes you feel at home the moment you set your foot there.

There are however a bunch of beautiful girls that have contributed a lot to the growth of this town’s tourist industry. These girls are normally known as the “Wonderful tour guides of Chennai”. Their kindness and great services have made them very famous in and outside this town. There are different categories of Chenani escorts in this area and the most common are:

i.                    High class escorts

Although these escorts offer the same kind of services offered y the ordinary escorts, their price is a bit high. For this reason, they only offer their services to a chosen few who can afford their services. Just as their name suggest, these girls tend to deal with wealthy and classy people. For that reason, many of them are professionals in different other fields to make it easier for them to offer quality services to their clients.

ii.                    VIP escorts

Your guess is as good as mine. VIP simply stands for “Very Important Person”. And just as this name suggest, these kk nagar escorts  are majorly recruited by different agencies to serve their celebrities and great people in the society. The cost of hiring a VIP escort is too high that only the extremely wealthy people are able to afford them. At the same time, there are a limited number of VIP escorts who work under agencies as it would be a bit costly to maintain them. For that reason, many of them work as independent escorts and those who work under agencies; they have a special set amount of money that they expect from every client they serve.

Due to the expenses of maintaining a VIP escort, many agencies have very few of them and therefore, they tend to get repeat clients as every agency has a few faithful clients. In order to maintain these VIPs, they allow them to have the same girl over and over as per their demand.


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